Combined Districts Karting Club

Combined Districts Kart Club is available for practice most days 9am – 4pm, unless otherwise booked for other events (we have set these times keeping in mind, that we do have residential housing nearby, please respect our noise cut off times) .  These details will be published on the clubs calendar (under the About Tab) and on the clubs Facebook page Click here to view event calendar aerial%20photo%20track[1]

Address: Lithgow City Raceway, Oakey Forest Road, Marrangaroo.

Practice must be booked/signed on by completing the online “practice sign on” form on the KNSW portal. Log in to your KNSW licence and follow the “practice sign on tab”. Access information will be forwarded to each practice participant, post “sign on”. We strongly suggest you sign on early to receive current information.

Saturday’s prior to race day is controlled by the club. Race numbers and transponders must be fitted to all karts on these controlled days, a timetable will be available on the clubs social media.

On non controlled days it is the responsibility of attendees to follow the KNSW practice rules and co ordinate with other attendees that age/practice groups work together and ensure session times are approximately 8 minutes per group.

It is a condition of practicing at Lithgow that you must have an appropriate KNSW license and follow the KNSW practice regulations.

If you wish to camp overnight at the track, please complete the form below to contribute to our power costs and facilities provided. The toilets and hot showers are accessible on practice days.


The track is also available for private hire contact [email protected]

Section X – Practice
X.1 Overview
Each Club must obtain a KNSW Practice/Meeting Permit, before allowing any one to practice.
The Permit will specify what days & times practice can occur, if any official(s) are required and any other
local requirements or conditions. It must be displayed in the out-grid area or on an official noticeboard.
X.1.1 Additional Guidelines
In exceptional circumstances, KNSW may stipulate additional guidelines that must be adhered to by all
participants and attendees at a Club/Track.
X.1.2 Emergencies
No person is permitted to Practice on a Track if they are unaccompanied.
The following must always be available:
• At least one additional adult, who must be observing all Karts practising, so that if an accident occurs,
the appropriate emergency services may be called;
• A Club First Aid kit;
• At least one (1) working mobile phone or club telephone.
X.2 Driver Requirements
KNSW Regulations must be complied with at all times & drivers must hold a current KNSW Licence that
is valid for Practice and their Kart Class and grade.
Club personnel (if present) should be able to validate a Drivers Licence.
At unofficial Practice Drivers must fill out a sign-on form or register online with the KNSW MyKarting™ Portal,
prior to each day/session they attend a Club/Track for practice. Clubs should also advise participants about
their own attendance conditions.
Each Club must retain any manually completed Practice sign-on forms for a period of 12 months, and make
them available to KNSW for verification when requested.
Any Drivers under the age of eighteen (18) years of age, must always be accompanied by a Legal Guardian.
X.2.1 Kart Groups
All Karts must be driven in the same direction at all times.
Only the following groups may be on a Race Track together:
• Novice and Rookie Drivers; (6 Year old Novice separate to 7 year old and up)

• Junior Drivers;
• Senior Drivers (Tag125, KZ2, Open Performance, Rotax 125/DD2, Speedway 125s);
• Senior Drivers (all other Classes/Divisions).
X.3 Kart Requirements
KNSW Technical Regulations must be complied with at all times, however in regards to the use of Practice
tyres, the following rules apply.
X.3.1 Tyres
For any official Practice sessions, the Drivers Class Rules will apply.
• The tyres may be new or used, or must be as specified in the Supplementary Regulations.
For all unofficial Practice, the use of other commercially available race tyres is allowed.
• The tyres must be currently sanctioned for use in a comparable class, by an alternate State or National
Karting organisation in Australia.