Combined Districts Karting Club

Karting NSW Resolution

Karting NSW have presented a resolution for NSW clubs to vote on by September 21 that has been widely publicised. The resolution is below.

The CDKC committee will be meeting on Tuesday night and will discuss how we approach this resolution, we will NOT be making a decision at the meeting. The elements we need to discuss are .

  • Legal obligations of CDKC
  • What is in the best interests of CDKC members and our facility
  • What is in the best interests of the Karting in general and the wider karting community

We would like to invite members to let us know if they are interested in having a general meeting to discuss this. The committee has the delegation to decide which way to vote but would welcome any input from members to add value to the decision making process.

Open meeting for members and interested karter’s is on Tuesday September 18, 7.00pm Nepean Rowing Club. Bruce Neal Drive Penrith

If you would like a meeting or wish to make a submission please email [email protected]


Please note that there is ONE MOTION as follows:-

The Members resolve that:


  • A vote of no confidence in the Board of Karting Australia be made.
  • KNSW shall withdraw as an ordinary member of Karting Australia as soon as practicable and that the Secretary of KNSW be authorised to issue a notice of intention to withdraw from Karting Australia in accordance with its Constitution.
  • The Board of KNSW be authorised to take any steps they deem necessary or appropriate to withdraw as a member of Karting Australia and commence operation as an independent karting association, including termination of the MOU between KNSW and Karting Australia.
  • A General Meeting be held within 30 days after the issue of the notice of intention to withdraw from Karting Australia to discuss progress made, the plan going forward and to make any necessary amendments to the Constitution of KNSW resulting from no longer being a member of Karting Australia.