Combined Districts Karting Club

Practice sign on process

We have now streamlined our practice sign on process. All practice at Lithgow must now be booked and paid for using the new form on our “Practice Sign On” page.

Please fill in the form and pay for your practice using the new form on the CDKC website. Click this link to go there.

Practice participants must follow the KNSW practice rules.

  • Only practice in your allowable age group
  • Do not stop on track for coaching or repairs (use the breakdown lane or pits)
  • Any crew going inside the track area must wear flouro vest and stay safely behind tyre barriers.

Practice sessions should be 10 minutes long for each session and run in the order of Novice, Rookie, Junior, Senior. If participants on the day agree the session order or length may be changed.

The venue is secured by combination locks on the front gate and outgrid gate. Access information is supplied once you have signed on correctly. Please make sure these gates are locked at the end of each day.