Combined Districts Karting Club

Pit space reservations

At our next race meeting, we will be running the pit space reservation system.  Spaces in the reserved area will be numbered and marked. Pit bays will be allocated as entries are received, so this is another great reason to enter early. We ask that you follow the guidelines provided so we can make the pit area better for everyone.

The key facts are.

  • Book your 5m x 7m pit space when you enter, $1.00 fee (the pit booking is listed in “other products”)
  • Book your 10m x 7m or 5m x 14m space when you, $30.00 fee (these larger spaces will be further down the pit area)
  • You can enter without booking a space, but you will have to setup in a non-booked area.
  • ALL of your equipment must be in YOUR pit space or removed to the car park or camping area. We would encourage campers to set up in the camping area along the top straight.
  • Pit allocations will be published from the Monday prior to racing, there will be no changes made to the allocated spaces.
  • If you wish to pit in a team (please add the team to your sponsors on your entry), or near other competitors this needs to be clearly communicated as early as possible and all entrants in the request please enter at a similar time,  [email protected]. If someone from the group can provide a list of all in the group or team, that will be helpful. All in the team will need to be entered before a pit space will be allocated. Allocations will be based on ENTRANT requests.
  • DO NOT set up any gear in a spot that is not allocated to you. Other entrants have the right to arrive Sunday morning and find their allocated spot vacant and ready to use.