Combined Districts Karting Club

Round 2 & Junior 50 Lap Classic

Round 2 of the Club Championship will be on Sunday February 21.

Entries are available for all KNSW classes and licence holders. There will be Qualifying, 2 heats, Pre Final and Final for all classes.

Combined District Supplementary Regulations 21st Feb 2021

Combined 21 February Permit 2021

The event will also feature a 50 Lap Classic for Junior Classes, run after the class Finals. This will be 1 race with a time handicap system in place for each class. There will be NO pit stop so you will need a fuel tank large enough to cover the distance (most engines would do it on 5 litres, the standard 8 litre tank on most karts would be ideal). More detail will be updated soon.

The track is available for practice Friday February 19 and Saturday February 20 and many other days prior to the event (electronic sign on and payment required)

Proposed Race order (final order set after close of entries)

  1. Junior Performance
  2. Rookie
  3. Junior Light & Junior Heavy
  4. Senior Performance & TAG
  5. Novice
  6. TAG Restricted

50 Lap Junior Classic race detail

The 50 lap race will take place after the finals of class racing. The race entry is available to all Junior drivers that have entered the race meeting. Karts for the 50 lapper must conform to Junior Light, Junior Heavy or Junior Performance regulations. The first 32 entries will be accepted. (a minimum of 20 entries must be received) The start grid or will be fastest class karts to the front and each class will be gridded in reverse order of the class final for that class.

Each class will be given a time handicap that is based on recent lap records at Lithgow City Raceway.

  • Junior Performance 2 laps
  • Junior Light 1 lap
  • Junior Heavy