Combined Districts Karting Club

TAG Restricted NSW State Championship

The NSW State Championship for TAG Restricted will be run at Lithgow City Raceway October 17/18

TAG Restricted Light  and TAG Restricted Super Heavy will race Saturday October 17

TAG Restricted Heavy will race Sunday October 18.

Track is available for practice Friday October 16, pre booking and payment required click HERE for details.

There is a set of Maxxis tyres up for grabs to the best placed senior entering 2 classes and a discounted entry fee for the second class entry.

TAG Restricted State Championship Tech Procedure (TAG Restricted classes only)

Saturday October 17, TAG Restricted Light and Super Heavy

Sunday October 18, TAG Restricted Heavy

7.30am Karts to be presented to Tech area ready to measure restrictor and be sealed. Please note you will only be permitted in the tech area if your scrutineer form has been received (if you lodge this late you will be at the back of the Q)

If you have not already entered tyre barcodes on your scrutineer form. After your engine is sealed you will be asked to take your scrutineer form with you and enter tyre bar codes for both wet and dry tyres. The completed form must then be returned to the tech area prior to your qualifying session. Please make sure the numbers are correct as these will be the only tyres you can race with.