Combined Districts Karting Club

2018 CDKC Club Championship

The 2018 CDKC Club Championship will be held over 7 rounds, with round 1 being our next race meeting on Sunday February 18.  The Cadet, Junior and Senior winner will again receive the prize of  “Free Entry’, Free Breakfast and Lunch” at 2019 rounds of the Club Championship each of the 3 prizes is valued at $1000.00

4 Stroke Super Sprint has been included in the 2018 Championship and we welcome entries in this great entry level class. The rules for the 2018 championship are CLUB CHAMP POINT SCORE rules 2018

Please check the rules as these have been updated 6.2.18

Classes eligible for 2018 are:

  • Cadet 9
  • Cadet 12
  • 4 Stroke Super Sprint Junior
  • KA4 Junior Light
  • KA4 Junior Heavy
  • KA3 Junior
  • 4 Stroke Super Sprint Senior
  • KA3 Light/Heavy/Masters
  • TAG 125 Light
  • TAG 125 Heavy
  • TAG Restricted Light
  • TAG Restricted Medium

Please check the rules for 2018 driver and class eligibility.