Combined Districts Karting Club

Cadet 12 will race for the “Cols Castle Cup” Saturday March 26

Cadet 12 winner at our March meeting will win the “Cols Castle Cup”. This is an annual award presented by CDKC to the winner of  selected class. Last years winner was Zac Heard in Junior National Light, the 2014 winner was quite fittingly Col’s grandson Nick Becker in Junior Clubman.

Who will be the next name on the “Cols Castle Cup”???

The founding President, Col Becker was instrumental to the purchase of the property from Clyde Marshall and in 1987 CDKC became the proud owners. Col’s passion then drove the purchase and installation of the current clubhouse “Col’s Castle”Zac & Kim1506642_665802213475909_2024543076_n In 1992 the track was further developed into its current layout and surface and improvements to the clubhouse and grounds were made.