Combined Districts Karting Club

Club Championship Clarification

We have become aware of a discrepancy between the Club Championship Rules and the Club Championship calendar. The rules say the championship is 7 rounds and best 6 count, the calendar lists 8 rounds. The committee has confirmed that the 2016  Club Championship is as per the Calendar of 8 rounds and dropping your worst round.  Calendar link here CDKC-2016-Calendar-of-Events1

Also a reminder in regard to the qualification rules for the Championship, each driver (or nominee) must have completed a full days volunteer work at a CDKC race meeting or CDKC event to qualify. This must be completed by the November Round. The point-score will list a Y next to you name in the point-score if you have qualified, if you are not listed as qualified and you think this is an error please contact Russell [email protected] and discuss.