Combined Districts Karting Club

Clyde Marshall run and won

The 2016 Clyde Marshall Memorial has been run and won. Over 100 competitors were greeted by great weather and racing conditions. 9 Lucky drivers walked away with a set of race tyres on Saturday afternoon and at the completion the place getters all walked away with the Traditional Clyde Marshall Memorial Trophy and cash. Biggest winners of the Day were Dean O’brien taking home the Iame KA100 engine and Luke Seymore taking home the PRD Galaxy 125 Tag engine.


Tag  R Light

1.       Rodney Phillips

2.       Jordan Phillips

3.       Cameron Kendall

Tag R Heavy

1.       Luke Seymore

2.       Nick Crawshay

3.       Michael Collins

Tag Light

1.       Tim Colombita

2.       Nick Becker

3.       Anthony Colombrita

KA3 Light

1.       Anthony Wiskitch

2.       Lewis Hodgson

3.       Nick Becker


KA4 Junior Light

1.       Zac Varley

2.       Zac Heard

3.       Angus Wallas

KA4 Junior Heavy

1.       Zac Zomprogno

2.       Zac Raddatz

3.       Dylan Debono

KA3 Junior

1.       Tommy Harradine

2.       Zac Zomprogno

3.       Zac Heard

KA3 Heavy

1.       Dean O’brien

2.       Nick Cooley

3.       Joe Tighe


Cadet 9

1.       James Freeburn

2.       Marshall Crofts

3.       George Frilingos

Cadet 12

1.       William Seal

2.       Cody Maynes-Rutty

3.       Kent Fias-Ayon



The meeting would not have been possible without our fantastic sponsors (listed below) and as ever a great team of officials and volunteers to make it all happen.


Clyde Marshall Memorial Sponsors: Dunlop Kartsport – NSK Solutions – Fincar Novated Leases – Electric Motor Sales & Services – DCL Engineering – Cranetec – Electro Mechanical Services – CRG Race Centre – MG Tyres – Paul Feeney Group – Remo Racing – GSJ Fabrications – Cadigal Office Leasing