Combined Districts Karting Club

Cols Castle Cup, Race Report

April 30 marked a new page in Combined Districts Kart Clubs history with the opening race meeting on the new track. Over 120 entrants took part in the Cols Castle Cup on a sunny Lithgow day.

Saturday day practice was well supported with many drivers reporting personal best times and were full of compliments for the track surface, many commented it was the smoothest track they had ever raced on.

The day saw some great racing with lap times in all classes lowered by around 2 seconds on the old surface and it continued to get faster as the weekend rolled on.

Our next meeting is May 21, this is Round 1 of the TAG Super Series and Round 3 of the Club Championship. The track is open for practice every weekend and weekdays by appointment.

TAG R Light

  1. Cameron Kendall
  2. Logan Dockett
  3. Chris Mayas-Adrover


TAG R Medium

  1. Nick Crawshay
  2. Jeremy Atkins
  3. Kris Bail

TAG Light

  1. Chris Bregonje
  2. Tim Colombrita
  3. Anthony Wiskich


Open Performance

  1. Kieran Fairlie
  2. Michael Pesce
  3. Lyle Brewster

KA4 Junior Light

  1. William Seal
  2. Josh Buchan
  3. Kent Fias-Ayon


KA3 Senior Light

  1. Kurtis Read
  2. Dean O’Brien
  3. Pierce Lehane


KA3 Masters

  1. Paul Mckinnon
  2. Grant Inwood
  3. Derek Millmore


Cadet 12

  1. Rhys Smith
  2. Cody Maynes-Rutty
  3. Adam Tomsett


Cadet 9

  1. Ryan Tomsett
  2. George Frilingos
  3. Robert Mctighe

KA3 Junior

  1. Brodie Whitemore
  2. Cody Burcher
  3. Jackson Souslin-Harlow


KA4 Junior Heavy

  1. Dylan Debono
  2. Jude Bargwanna
  3. Lewis Burhagiar