Combined Districts Karting Club

January 2024 Racing

Our first meeting for 2024 will be held on Sunday January 20/21.

Saturday January 20 will see racing for LADIES Tag Restricted Light, plus private practice for all Sunday Classes (separate practice sign on required, not included in Sunday entry). The Ladies will have 1 practice session, qualifying, 3 heats and a final. If you need more information on how to enter or get a license, click HERE.

Schedule Saturday 20 Jan 2024

Schedule Sunday Jan 21 2024

Pit Allocation Jan

Pit Map Jan


All Sunday classes will have 3 heats of racing and a 15 Lap final.

The Feature event for the day will be the “50 Lap Classic” for Tag Restricted and Senior Performance. Any Senior Driver entered for heat racing on the day is eligible to enter the 50 Lapper. All karts in the 50 Lap classic must comply to TAG Restricted or Senior Performance specification. Each class in the 50 Lapper will be handicapped based on Lithgow Lap Records so all classes and weight divisions have a chance to win. STANDING START.

Combined District Supplementary Regulations January 2024


New for 2024;

  • Entries will now close on WEDNESDAY night prior to the race meeting.
  • Pit Allocations will be in place for all race meetings.
  • Grid allocations for qualifying will be in place for all relevant race meetings.

The track is available for practice prior. All drivers must sign on for practice using the KNSW portal practice sign-on. Race transponder and race numbers must be fitted for Saturday Practice.

If you need to hire a club transponder, please add the “transponder hire product” to your entry. We will allocate a transponder number to your entry, this will be available for pickup at the timing box from Saturday (we have a limited supply, so organize this early). Please make sure your kart has the correct “transponder mounting bracket.

If you have a new license and need to complete an OLT prior to racing, please complete your written driving test and forward this to [email protected]. You will need to successfully complete the on track observed practice on Saturday prior to racing and a briefing in the clubhouse at 12.00pm. You will need to be signed on for practice and have your race numbers and transponder fitted to your kart. Click this link for more race meeting entry info.