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KZ2 Information Pack

ROUND 2 INFORMATION PACK (All competitors, please read)


Halfway between Bathurst and Sydney hides one of, if not, the oldest clubs and kart tracks in NSW. With a length of 751m this track has withstood the test of time and has proved popular among karters from every corner of NSW. Lithgow City Raceway is comprised of 9 corners, a majority being long sustained high speed turns, meaning once again, this is a momentum track, and is one of the flattest track the NSW KZ2 Super Series visits in 2016. The highlight of the track is difficult to choose, but, many drivers would agree that turns 5 and 6, affectionately known as Siberia, is hard to look past. Siberia is a corner that can catch many inexperienced drivers out as it does start to drop away ever so slightly in the approach to turn 5 before it tightens for turn 6. A well timed run can lead to an exhilarating overtake. Being offline just a little bit can leave you open for an overtake into the hard braking turn 7. It is not uncommon to see large battle packs forming around the Lithgow track. Series leader, Josh Buchan, is one of the locals and will be looking to maximise his point haul at this track, but, his nearest rival, Mat Nipperess, has had a strong history at this track. Also important to note, Josh Pontello is also a very experienced driver around this track and is currently sitting in 3rd place in the standings and will be the one to keep an eye on during this round. Who will win? Only time will tell, but, if you are a spectator, make sure you rope off a section by the fence to watch this epic round.


Practice will be available on the Saturday before the race meeting for $40 ($20 for CDKC members). CDKC will only give the KZ2 class a separate session if there is a strong representation of KZ2’s at the track (10 or more). This is due to how busy this club can get during a club day weekend. The practice start area is just after turn 6, on the very RIGHT HAND SIDE of the track and just like in Canberra, practice starts may only take place AFTER the chequered flag. The straight is also long enough to allow for stacking, so, if all competitors can keep this in mind and start the line around the halfway mark down the straight, then, we should be able to give everyone a chance to practice the all important start.


The race format will be as follows

Qualifing: 6 mins
Heats: 3 x 8 lap races
Pre Final: 10 laps
Final: 17 laps

As always, make sure you pre enter for this round. The entry fee is $90 for anyone who pre-enters via CMS and $120 if you enter on the day.