Combined Districts Karting Club

No cars in Pit Rows 1 and 2 Saturday 20 and Sunday 21

With over 100 entries for this Sundays race meeting there will be no tow vehicles or cars in row 1 and row 2 of the pits on Saturday or Sunday. We would like to get as many karts as possible to pit closer to the grid making every ones day more enjoyable.

If you are pitting in row 1 or 2 please disconnect your trailer as soon as you arrive and park your vehicle in the top parking area. If you wish to keep your trailer hooked up for the weekend, choose a pit spot from row 3 down. Picture below shows row 1 and 2 outlined in red or PDF link will give you a larger picture Pit diagram row 1 2 no cars

Row 1 and 2 pits