Combined Districts Karting Club

Race Order Sunday Feb 19

Proposed race order for Sunday Feb 19 race meeting. If I have missed any clashes please contact before Sunday we will try to accommodate everyone.

Also Sup Regs list close of pre entry as 6.00pm Thursday 16th and for some reason CMS has closed early, I am trying to get it re opened. If it does not re open please email or ring and we will make sure you get re entry price.

  1. KA3 Junior
  2. TAG R Light
  3. TAG Light, TAG Heavy & TAG R Medium
  4. Cadet 9
  5. KA4 Junior Light & KA4 Junior Heavy
  6. KA3 Light, KA3 Medium & KA3 Masters
  7. Cadet 12

Sunday proposed practice order

  1. KA3 Junior
  2. TAG Light, TAG Heavy, TAG R Light & TAG R Medium
  3. Cadet 9 & Cadet 12
  4. KA4 Junior Light & KA4 Junior Heavy
  5. KA3 Senior Light, Medium & Masters