Combined Districts Karting Club

Race Order Sunday August 20

The proposed race order for Sunday August 20 is:

  1. KA3 Senior Light and Medium
  2. KA4 Junior Heavy
  3. Cadet 9
  4. Cadet 12
  5. KA3 Junior
  6. TAG Restricted Light
  7. TAG Restricted Medium
  8. TAG Light and Heavy
  9. KA4 Junior Light

Late entries can still be made until 7.30am Sunday August 20, we will try to accommodate entry clashes with double or family entries where we can, please advise ASAP if there are any changes to request.

Track open for practice Saturday.

Drivers Briefing 7.45am Sunday.

Practice 8.00am Sunday, every class has 4 Heats and Final.

Practice classes will be combined so we can give you a longer session

  1. KA3 Senior/TAG
  2. KA3 Junior
  3. Cadet
  4. TAG Restricted
  5. KA4 Junior