Combined Districts Karting Club

Race Order Sunday September 10

The proposed race and qualifying order for Sunday will be

  1. Cadet 12, Cadet 9
  2. KA4 Junior Heavy
  3. KA3 Junior
  4. TAG Restricted Light
  5. TAG Restricted Medium, TAG Restricted Heavy
  6. TAG Light, TAG Heavy
  7. KA4 Junior Light
  8. KA3 Medium, KA3 Light, TAG Masters

If we have missed any clashes please contact [email protected] ASAP we will do our best to accommodate everyone. Please remember the top 2 rows in the pits are “tow vehicle free” so more people can pit closer to the in and out grids. As always we will need some help in the Canteen, please let Amanda know if you can help at the Canteen.

Practice is available 9.00am to 4.00pm Saturday and may be available Friday by arrangement with Wazza at the track 02 6351 4356