Combined Districts Karting Club

Sunday Race Order

Proposed race and qualifying order for Sunday. Please have your Scrutineering Form lodged with the race secretary by 4.00pm Saturday at the race secretaries office or by email [email protected]. Late entries will be accepted until 4.00pm Saturday (Sorry No Sunday Entries)

  • Tyre Draw, out grid 7.40am (all entries received by Thursday night in Maxxis Tyre Classes, winner must be at the draw)
  • Drivers Briefing, out grid 7.45am
  • Qualifying 8.00am
  • Race and Qualifying Order
  1. Tag Restricted Heavy & Super Heavy
  2. Novice & Rookie (Separate Finals if time permits)
  3. Junior Light, Junior Heavy & Junior Performance
  4. 4 Stroke Light
  5. Senior Performance Light & Heavy
  6. Tag Restricted Light
  7. 4 Stroke Heavy
  8. KZ2