Combined Districts Karting Club

Thank you to all of our helpers

Sunday was a great Blue Sky day at Lithgow, All competitors got Qualifying, 2 heats, prefinal and a 15 lap Final and the racing was finished before 3.00pm

It takes over 30 people to run the day and this is just a club day.  We are always on the lookout for assistance

A big thank you to all of the following helpers involved in last Sundays race meeting. Sorry if I have missed anyone

Cheryl Harradine – Clerk of Course

Lilian Stones – Race secretary and meeting organiser

Gil Martin – Meeting organiser

Paul Giuntini, Russell Becker – Stewards

Les Green, Michael Harber, Warren Brown – Assistant Clerk of Course

Belinda Colombrita, Dawn Baxter, Jenny Gilder – Timing

Anna Fraser and Anna’s sister, Karen Becker, Lyn Rahaley – Canteen

Andy Matthews – Starter

Bob Blackman – Scrutineer

Russell Grimson, Sharon Howarth – Scales

Christine Patrick – First Aid

Corey Gurney – BBQ and track maintenance

Ben Edwards, Graeme Abbott – Track Maintenance

Kim Davis – Grid Marshal

Rob Davis, Rob Horn, Jake Arms – Flags

Ashlie Becker – Bar and Presentaion

Courtney Becker, Nick Becker – Bar