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Spectators can return to the track 3 July 2020

Spectators can return to the track

From July 1st 2020, spectators will be allowed to attend events at Lithgow City Raceway but there is a catch. The club must keep a record of everyone who attends Lithgow City Raceway, on every day that they attend (practice, racing or just visiting). Each day anyone (spectators, drivers, pit crew, officials, volunteers) enter Lithgow […]

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Racing Returns Sunday June 21. Limit now relaxed to 20 Karts on Track 26 May 2020

Racing Returns Sunday June 21. Limit now relaxed to 20 Karts on Track

Sunday June 21 will see racing resume at Lithgow. The meeting is a round of the Club Championship and is open to all KNSW licence holders to enter. Please read the Supplementary Regulations and any addendums carefully. Combined-Supplementary-Regulations-June-2020-   Addendum-1-All-Clubs-2020 This LINK directs you to: “Race entry”, “Scrutineer form” and “Driver Sign On”. All 3 must […]

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Social Distancing at the track 20 May 2020

Social Distancing at the track

Parents will be active in supervising their children to comply with 1.5 metre social distancing. They can still have fun, it just must be 1.5 metres away from each other. Parents will be active in reminding other parents or children to comply with 1.5 metre social distancing Any items that would encourage children to get […]

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Practice at Lithgow is ON 14 May 2020

Practice at Lithgow is ON

Practice will resume this weekend under revised guidelines and restrictions. Anyone wishing to practice must accept the revised practice guidelines listed below and enter via the CDKC page on the KNSW website and pay by Direct Credit to Combined Districts Kart Club BSB032 273, Acc No 227370. Please do not come to the track if you […]

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Membership Discount 6 May 2020

Membership Discount

The CDKC Committee is hopeful that restrictions currently regulated will be adjusted in the next week or 2 to allow us to re open the track for practice. As we have now been closed for 6 weeks, we feel it is appropriate to offer our members renewing membership a discount to cover the lost time at the […]

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Safety Light System 1 April 2020

Safety Light System

Combined Districts Kart Club have installed a ‘Race America” Safety light system. The system currently utilises 4 flag points around the track and while most signals are self explanatory, some are a bit different to the actual flag (Safety light description and location pictures below) Drivers should make themselves away of the Safety Light positions […]

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Club Update 30 March 2020

Club Update

During this period of uncertainty most of our activities including Karting are in a period of hibernation. Our race meetings and practice at the track are on hold until it is safe for to resume operation. The committee have reviewed the potential effects on the club and circuit as a result of having no income […]

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Practice closed 25 March 2020

Practice closed

Regretfully we will be closing the track for practice until further notice. With the latest restrictions on Social gatherings and travel it would be irresponsible to keep the track open.

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March 29 Race Meeting Cancelled 24 March 2020

March 29 Race Meeting Cancelled

Our race meeting for Sunday March 29 at Lithgow City Raceway is cancelled due to the health risk posed with the increasing cases of COVID-19 CDKC does not think it is prudent to proceed with the event. With the ever-evolving health threat we have taken the decision to not put Karter’s, our volunteers and the […]

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Drivers Briefing March 29 23 March 2020

Drivers Briefing March 29

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