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2019 kicks off with bang! 19 February 2019

2019 kicks off with bang!

Combined Districts Kart Club kicked off its 2019 race season with a bang. With lots of challenges thrown up and new systems to deal with the CDKC team worked overtime to deliver a race meeting that met its usual high standard of organisation and created a great day out for Karter’s at Lithgow City Raceway. […]

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Race Order 15 February 2019

Race Order

Proposed race and practice order for Sunday: Practice: Senior Performance – Senior – 4 Stroke Novice & Rookie TAG and Tag Restricted Junior and Junior Performance Qualifying and racing Senior Performance Light & Heavy Novice Junior Performance TAG Light & Tag Restricted Light Tag Restricted Heavy & Super Heavy Rookie 4 Stroke Light & Heavy, […]

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Entries open for Feb 17 race meeting 10 February 2019

Entries open for Feb 17 race meeting

Entries are now open for the Summer Cup and Round 1 of the CDKC Club Championship. Enter via the KNSW entry and licence management portal click here to access. Some of the class names have changed but we will be running all the usual classes similar to last years format. Our members voted in full […]

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Membership, Licences & Race Entries 6 February 2019

Membership, Licences & Race Entries

As most of you know there has been a change in the licence administration system for KNSW. As with any new system there are a few bugs to iron out, the system is designed to allow you to. Get a new licence Renew your old licence Enter a race meeting Join a club If you […]

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Classes for February 17 race meeting 28 January 2019

Classes for February 17 race meeting

Thanks to all Karter’s for your patience as we move in to an exciting new era for 2019. Bottom line is that we will still be running similar format and classes to suit karts from 2018 with a much more user friendly tyre (in most cases) and some changes have been made to encourage the hundreds […]

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Next Race Meeting Sunday February 17 17 January 2019

Next Race Meeting Sunday February 17

Our next race meeting will be the “Summer Cup” and Round 1 of the CDKC Club Championship. We are awaiting the release of the KNSW rule book prior to posting final details. Entries will be open to any class of complying kart and all of the normal classes will be run. Race entries will be via the […]

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2019 Events at Lithgow City Raceway 29 December 2018

2019 Events at Lithgow City Raceway

Events at Lithgow City Raceway 2019 February 17 2019 Round 1 CDKC Club Championship March 17 2019 Round 2 CDKC Club Championship April 14 2019 Round 3 CDKC Club Championship May 19 2019 Round 4 CDKC Club Championship June 16 2019 Round 5 CDKC Club Championship August 3-4 Retro Karting Australia (promoted by RKA) August 18 2019 Round 6 CDKC Club […]

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Practice days 13 December 2018

Practice days

Over the Christmas break the track will be open for practice on the following days (this will be updated with possibly more days as a practice official becomes available, keep and eye on this list and Facebook for updates). Each day will be 9.00am to 4.00pm unless listed as otherwise Saturday December 15 open Sunday December […]

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2018 at Lithgow 11 December 2018

2018 at Lithgow

2018 at Lithgow City Raceway is almost done and dusted. We have a great facility at Lithgow. Our track resurface has proved to be a great success and the quality of the job is looking good. Other major improvements that have been done or are in the works include. • Safety improvements at turn 1 completed. […]

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Club Championship Presentation Sunday December 9th 27 November 2018

Club Championship Presentation Sunday December 9th

Club Championship Presentation Day Sunday December 9 @ Lithgow City Raceway The race meeting scheduled for Sunday December 9th will NOT go ahead, we will have a fun day at the track with free practice for members (the track will be available for any KA licence holder for normal practice) The canteen will be open […]

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