Combined Districts Karting Club

May Race Report

All’s well at lithgow City Kart raceway after resurface of the race track the May race meeting was held as a 1 day event with practice on Saturday and giving the competitors a chance to come to grip with new Grip and improved changes and updates to the Ripple strips.

After prior forecast of a wet weekend Saturday practice day dawned fine and sunny and number of drivers found there lap times dramatically improved over the old surface. After practice the Club president called meeting for a fireside chat to members and visitors in the club’s clubhouse and to update on what has taken place at lithgow over the past few months.

Sunday dawned fine and sunny and with 112 entries from as far south as Ulludulla and Port Macquarie in the north including a former member Craig Clements of CDKC now residing in port Macquarie the event including a round of the 125 TAG series racing sponsored by Runaway Motorsport , racing was fast and furious and very spirited racing in the TAG classes and the 100cc air cooled class in being KA 3 took over and in particular in the senior KA 3 with the girls showing the way.

The 125 r Tag light with a big field and Melissa Whitmore taking out the win from Brad Tooth and Cameron Kendall.

Combined District Kart Club the owners and promoters of Lithgow City Raceway are looking forward to the next racemeeting on 2nd of July and invite karters to take part in this event and take advantage of all the work that has undertaken to improve the track and surrounds we welcome you.


TAG 125 Heavy

  1. Benjamin Ritchie
  2. Luke Seymour
  3. Michael Collins


KA 4 Junior Heavy

  1. Dylan Debono
  2. Nicholas Caruso
  3. Jude Bargwanna


TAG 125 Light

  1. Hudson Heath
  2. Nick Becker
  3. Anthony Wiskich


Cadet 12

  1. Adam Tomsett
  2. James Freeburn
  3. William Lowing

Cadet 9

  1. Ryan Tomsett
  2. Kamal Mrad
  3. Reginald Barry



KA 3 Senior Light

  1. Melissa Whitmore
  2. Courtney Becker
  3. William Callinan

KA 3 Senior Medium

  1. Dion Fischper
  2. Lack Lemon
  3. Stephen Roffe

KA 3 Junior

  1. Brodie Whitmore
  2. Jackson Souslin-Harlow
  3. George Mawad

TAG 125 Restricted Light

  1. Melissa Whitmore
  2. Brad Tooth
  3. Cameron Kendall


KA 4 Junior Light

  1. Joshua Buchan
  2. Oliver McLandsborough
  3. Beau Pronesti

TAG 125 Restricted Medium

  1. Kris Bail
  2. Craig Clements
  3. Gene King

TAG 125 Restricted Heavy

  1. Shane Tate
  2. Scott Dalton – Kirby
  3. John Lamben

Russell Grimson